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About Us

Our Offerings

About Our Offerings

In life, defining values is the first step to defining yourself. What matters to your company? How do you describe your brand DNA? And more importantly, does your company mission resonate with customers?

Titan Communications is committed to connecting you with your customers. We do this by elevating your brand and activating your company mission – giving you a stronger voice for your target audience. We take our commitment one step further by working directly with your teams to execute customized sales and marketing plans, from start to finish. Titan’s seasoned professionals apply our Right MovesTM metrics [see image] to unite your core values and services with receptive customers, generating response that will exceed your expectations.

Titan Communications proposes an integrated approach to developing business-to-business (B2B) sales and matrketing tactics in the context of rapidly-evolving media, competitive messaging platforms and an increasingly diverse B2B audience. Our solutions begin with fundamental marketing channels and incorporate innovative programing to deliver high-performance campaigns:

  • Custom website design and content management, search engine optimization, e-commerce and analytics to fully automate your business.
  • Corporate identity literature, cross-platform advertising, marketing collateral including direct mail and promotional brochures, to complement your digital campaigns.
  • Brand development, strategic marketing plans and collaborative team leadership to ensure your business is positioned for profitability.

Your vision, Titan strategy and our collaborative tactical efforts will energize your brand, strengthen your business model and drive sales penetration to entirely new levels. Together we can power your performance and achieve exceptional results.


Custom Strategies

About Our Custom Strategies

Titan Communications collaborates with your company teams to develop a uniquely comprehensive B2B sales and marketing strategy based on your core strengths, company capabilities, annual sales goals, relevant market analysis and competitor landscape. We strive to create a plan that allows your marketing communications and internal resources – human resources, accounting, operations – to function in tandem, yielding milestone results.

Our process begins with an insightful “discovery” session. This in-depth internal audit of your company carefully assesses your strengths, weaknesses, budgets, staffing, time frame and other related factors so we can determine:

  • primary objectives comprising your mission statement
  • traditional and evolving competitive pressures 
  • current and projected barriers to success

Following discovery, Titan conducts a thorough external market evaluation of your business gauging other key factors:

  • key competitors in local, regional or national context
  • estimated current market position plus forecasted levels
  • industry trends relevant to your product lines
  • brand appeal and strength

Our review of competitors’ performance and market climate entails staff interviews, SWOT Analysis (to measure strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), market evaluations and client field interviews. Based review data, we develop strategies and tactics to mobilize your company vision:

  • Customized selling proposition and differentiation key to effectively communicate your core values and competitive edge to target customers
  • Efficient project management programs to ensure seamless integration of strategy across multiple marketing channels and via efficient use of staff and company resources.
  • Distribution of cross-platform marketing collateral including digital and print initiatives, website and eblast promotion, social media campaigns, trade show support and other catalysts to convey your selling proposition and showcase your total brand.
  • Ongoing review of implemented marketing and communications strategies to stay ahead of evolving market conditions and your future objectives.

The term “Titan” is synonymous with strength and leadership. Titan Communications is dedicated to elevating your business with solid, integrated strategies and tactical support to strengthen your brand, target key audiences and accelerate sales so you can consistently perform at the top of your game.





Titan Communications relies on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to develop effective tools for its clients to use internally and throughout advertising campaigns and related initiatives. IMC ensures that all aspects of your marketing plan – from website and digital advertising to public relations, trade shows, experiential marketing and social media – work in tandem with the resources of your company, united in vision, strategy and tactical execution.

We pledge an unbiased review of your company, tapping our communications knowledge and collective team experience to provide you with customized strategies and tactics that generate progressive growth.

Our Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

As the Titan team calibrates your marketing strategy to fit your specific goals, we conduct marketing research, examining your key competition, current marketing position, internal/external influences affecting product performance and evolving market conditions.

Our Marketing Research

Marketing Research


Project Management

Project Management

From timeline creation to meeting milestone deadlines, we utilize seamless, up-to-date project management systems. Our preferred programs include: Workzone, Functionpoint and Pivot.


Sales Training and Development

Sales and Training Development

Customized portals, Webinar knowledge sessions, digital tracking. These are just some of the sales and training development options Titan enables you to offer your sales team to raise the bar on sales skills and performance.


Our Sales Process Evaluation

Sales Process Evaluation

Our experienced sales consultants are prepared to conduct a comprehensive Right MovesTM sales process evaluation to determine productivity levels and solutions for accelerated lead generation, conversion and optimal sales.




Stewards of your powerful brand and iconic footprint, Titan is your full-service partner in the creation of corporate and sales presentations, from composition to design and delivery.


Show Support

Show Support

Our trade show and conference support services range from booth design, branding and signage to event advertising and innovative venue activations.





Digital Resources [Online Presence]

Titan Communications encourages our clients to raise their digital voices and leverage new, evolving channels which instantly showcase your brand and convey your signature message. Our tech innovation specialists are prepared to steer your website performance from development to analytics while updating your advertising efforts with social channels and mobile platforms.

Titan's digital resources feature a full digital studio, offering UX and visual design, digital advertising, site development and maintenance and mobile app development. Collaborating with our media planners, the tech team also delivers SEO and SEM solutions as well as custom database management programs.

Website Development

Website Development

With more than 25 years of combined expertise, our designers and programmers will guide your website development from page layout and graphic design through site navigation and content optimization.

Database Design

Database Design

Titan Communications understands no two databases are alike in content or function. We'll determine the best database design for you so you can organize your leads to generate sales.







For those clients who promote and sell products and services directly from their websites, Titan offers multiple E-Commerce solutions for shopping and purchasing online.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Our job is to organically position your brand at the top of every search engine. Titan Communications knows the Right Moves for securing your SEO prowess.




Cross-Platform Materials [Collateral Materials]

With the evolution of digital communication and social channels, Titan Communications understands the critical balance in integrating your marketing and sales campaigns across all platforms. While social media and mobile advertising are viable, trending options, traditional advertising solutions play a role in reaching audiences with a more comprehensive demographic mix.

So Titan's integrated approach considers criteria from the discovery process as well as external factors in weighing and recommending your ideal cross-platform strategy.

Visual Communications
and Design 


Collateral/ Brochures

Our creative and production teams guide your collateral/brochure projects from concept to press check, managing creative briefs, timelines and production requirements with your constant input.



Once target audiences and schedules are determined, Titan Communications provides a range of advertising vehicles, from traditional print to broadcast, digital and OOH.

Video Production

Video Production

All aspects of video production from story boarding to shooting, editing and post pro-production are at your fingertips through Titan Communications.





Titan's creative directors partner with our clients to determine the right photographer and scope of imagery. When it comes to photography needs, your shot list is just hours away.


Multimedia design

Multimedia Design

Titan's designers don't discriminate. We create multimedia design concepts to deliver your message online, through social campaigns, during the Super Bowl or via the latest smartphone.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Yet another dimension of our advertising via Titan, email marketing is an impactful channel for reaching targeted consumers with topical promotions while they roam the web.

Written Communication

Traditional Communications

Before there were posts on Facebook and Twitter, there press releases (traditional communication). Titan communications still believes in public relations, though we craft your announcements for digital delivery.






− Our Team −

Paul Furio


Established 1987, 20 years in of experience in print media communications, 10 years in database, marketing and web development, plus 5 years of providing Tier 1 Web Hosting. Bachelors Degree in Health Management, and a MBA in Marketing and Business Communications.

Rob Koetter

Creative Director

Rob has been delivering creative for nearly 25 years, has over 15 years college level teaching and 15 years of Marketing Communications Management.

Anne Koetter


Masters Degree in Marketing. Highly experienced in marketing and copywriting with nearly 20 years of professional experience including: business-to-business, business-to-consumer content for brochures, websites, advertorials, catalogs and direct mail pieces.

George Gesse

Strategic Marketing

Communications, Brand Management, Marketing Specialist, Strategic Planner, and Creative Product Developer with +20 years experience impacting the visibility, profitability, and performance of multiple products/services within diverse fields.

Ritchie Drier


Writer, Market strategist, developing marketing material for 15 years throughout print and web media.

Ryan Zemkowski

Software Developer

Ten years of experience in the development of Internet technology, specializing in flash, e-commerce, Database Development, Server/Installations, PHP Programming and HTML Website Design that are esthetic, intuitive, and search engine friendly.

Christina Czeszewski

Video and Multi-media Specialist

Christina has been designing, planning and maintaining web pages for nearly ten years, and has over 10 years experience in Graphic and Multimedia Design with 7 years of Marketing Communications Management.

Scott Wolford


10 years of experience, specializing in difficult on-site lighting conditions, sports photography, video and editing.

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